With out a doubt Taylor Street is a must when you are in the windy city. Italian Beef is a serious subject in Chicago, and everyone seems to have the favorite place. I am sure if I spent more time there I might come across something even better, but for now I love Al’s Beef on Taylor Street, which is right across from Mario’s Italian Lemonade ( famous). I am always in the city in the fall so Im never in season for the the Italian Lemonade, but I can’t help but take photos in front of it.

Al’s Beef has been been around since 1938, and according to their website…the great Chicago sandwich was actually formed out of necessity during the Great Depression when meat was scarce. In order to make the most of what they had, Chris and Al would slice the meat very thin and place it on thick loaves of fresh made Italian bread. Well cheap thin cuts of meat, great seasoning, good bread ( i like extra wet…they dip it in the beef juice) a standing only room and french fries makes this sandwich effing awesome. Next time your in the city, check it out. -Thats the gist of it