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I am always looking for that “some place we haven’t been before”… I recalled seeing a friend post a photo on Instagram of a Thai Beer Tower of this place Crush Craft Thai.  Her boyfriend had lived in Thailand and mentioned there was an item on the menu that he had never seen in the states, and of course the beer towers really made it worth going.

Although I am not the biggest fan of uptown, I do like the location and interior of this space. It has a really nice flow with indoor and outdoor seating. The best part of the whole space of course is the back room. Its all glassed in with this incredible and colorful tassels’ strung across the ceiling. Its seriously amazing! You can’t go in the space and not feel happy, I would even suggested the space for a wedding.

All of their food is served in eco friendly containers that can be disposed of after you eat, but it doesn’t feel like paper plates (the same sort of feel as chipotle). We got the spring rolls to start and then we each got our own dish. The #5 OG PHAT THAI which comes with rice noodle | chicken | tofu | tamarind | bean sprouts & garnish | lime wedge | toasted peanuts… they say on the menu that “its true & original form”….that being said its sweet. I guess I am just use to the americanized version, so it was unexpected. We added some chili sauce to spice it up a bit, but overall the dish was really good. The other dish we got was the #2 KHAO MAN GAI which comes with, ginger rice pilaf | pulled chicken | cucumber relish | garlic | nahm-jim. On the menu the dish is describes as “Light, flavorful, and fantastic” which are all true. I really like that you didn’t feel “stuffed” when you left. The chicken was perfect (not dry at all), it was refreshing and I loved the ginger.


photo 5OG Phat Thaigang keo wanphoto 1

This place will definitely be added to my “go to places” in D.

The things I love about it:

1.The entrees are under $10

2. That it’s open late

3. It’s casual

4. The authentic menu with the modern atmosphere.


2800 Routh St., Suite 150.

Monday-Thursday I 11AM-2PM + 5PM-9:30PM

Friday I 11AM-2PM + 5PM-3AM

Saturday I 12PM-3AM

Sunday I 12pm – 9pm

-That’s the gist of it