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Hawk Hill was are first stop and our last stop on our trip to San Franisco. The first stop was crystal clear when we started, we parked at the top and hiked down to the bridge. Its one of my favorite spots in the city….the views are insane. Its also a great place for cycling….if you’re into that kind of thing. My husband is a cyclist and during the w-h-o-l-e hike I was frequently being told to stop and look at bike, and the phrase “man! I wish I had my bike with me” was uttered many times.

By the end of our hike the fog started to roll in, and in the south we just don’t get to experience that very often. Its mesmerizing to see it come over the hills and seep down the headlands… it’s has if its a living thing.

On our last day we decided to go to a little sandwich shop by our apartment and have a picnic. When we got to the top it was completely fogging, and there were high winds. It was a totally new experience. It’s crazy to be up 900 feet and see nothing…you can hear the boats, the waves, birds…but you literally can’t see past the ledge. Its eerie and I that love about it. I would highly suggest putting Hawk Hill on your places or things to do when you are in SanFrancisco. Its just north of the Golden Gate Bridge ( great photo spot) and if you are coming from the city its a great place to stop if you are headed to the Muir Woods or Mill Valley.

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